Crunchy Homestead Bucket list.

Here is the start of my Bucket list of things I want to do that are Crunchy Homestead based. I want to try and do at least two things on the list per month and will be adding extra things as I find more things I want to try. I'll post updates and tutorials as I go talking about how it went and if I plan on trying it again.

Calendula Oil Infusion  Dec 13
Home-made Extracts
Grow Light Shelving for Seed Starting Indoors
Making your own apple cider vinegar
Make Soap
elderberry syrup Nov13(more)
Make Hand Sanitizer with All Natural Products
water keifer
Make Cheese Mozzarella and Ricotta  Nov13(more)
Make an Earth oven
Add Rain barrels
Make Thermal Curtains
mama cloth
fitted diapers
baby wipes Nov13
Make Candles
outdoor kitchen
grow Lofas
Reusable veggie produce bags
make lavender oil Dec 13
Plant a medicinal garden
fruit trees
berry bushes
laundry line
peppermint extract 
wool longies/ wool covers for cloth
Fabric bowl covers
Bees wax infused cloth May 13 (more)
Rice warming bags  Dec 13

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