Monday, April 19, 2010

Going green

I have the worst case of Green Guilt.
I have always lived a Eco-friendly life. Growing up we lived in a tiny little house with a garden where we grew our own food. We walked most places we started a composting program in schools, helped with starting recycling in the town where we lived. Years later the way I was brought up is still a huge part of how I live.
Now I am living in my own home with my own family and we do a lot. We compost, use cloth napkins, have a garden (small), try to eat local/organic, we have the right light bulbs, we buy in bulk, buy most of our stuff second hand. We are very Eco-aware but it never feels like its enough. It seems that we are being bombarded with demands to live better, books about people who are going the distance, Companies are layering on guilt a lot of the guilt is misplaced companies telling us to buy things that are "Eco-friendly" when consumerism is not what we should be doing to be green.
I think that guilt can be a good thing, guilt for getting a to go cup at the coffee shop, for driving instead of walking, with out that guilt, I think, that  we would do theses things more.
There is another side to green guilt the Eco-smugness which comes with being the person who is  pulling out there reusable bags, or lugging locally grown, organic, vegetables home on foot from the farmers market.  Maybe that is what will make more people become over to the green side.
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