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me in a box. 
I'm one of those hippy crunchy earth mamas. I have an amazing smart son who was born in October 2011 and a strong daughter who was born in Febuary 2014. My son and I were diagnosed with Celiac Disease in 2012 and along with a handful of other food allergies (nuts,dairy,eggs, citrus, soy, tropical fruits, peanuts) to deal with I make almost all of our food from scratch and as "real" as possible .

 I cloth diaper, I baby wear, breastfeed, and cosleep, we do alternative medicines and amber teething necklaces.  I try to be a gentle parent and practice attachment parenting.

 I listen to NPR, I read books, I like to do crafty things like write, and sew, and art. I want to write a book some day, I love babies. I have a problem finishing projects. I get distracted easily. I am not a neat organized person. I am loud and opinionated and fiercely loyal.

 I have homesteader daydreams about owning goats and chickens, about having a huge garden making, our own soaps. I want to have a pantry filled with canned foods that grew in our garden and we canned on our own kitchen. I dislike the feel of plastic. I feel that the only hope for my children to live a good life is for everyone to be green to reduce all the junk we are creating in the world and get back to a sustainable way of life.

 Life has not always been a happy shiny thing, hard stuff has happened and I am a stronger woman for it, and with out all of my character building moments, I would not be me. I have found peace with my past. I love my husband he is amazing and loving and puts up with all my crazy ideas and supports my crazy projects even when he's the one who ends up having to execute them.
With my two babies 

I love the ocean, and coffee. My favorite colors are blue and green. I love to read books and take long walks. I dance around and act silly if it will make my kids smile. I love the smell of rain on a hot summer day, and pumpkin pie. I enjoy my life and I am striving to make it more, more sparkly, and happy to find balance and peace. This is my blog talking about all of it.

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