Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Stripping Dipers ~ All about Cloth

Cloth diapers

Yesterday I stripped our pocket diapers for the 1st time. Caden has been smelling a little like a hamster cage. In 15 months this is the 1st time we've had any issues with diapers smelling. Honestly cloth diapers have been so easy and we have saved so much money by not using disposables. I'll write a longer more detailed account of our journey though cloth at some point soon.

 This morning I stuffed all the diapers. There is something almost therapeutic about sorting out all the diaper stuff the stack of inserts and the covers and then rhythmic stuffing each one folding them up snapping them and stacking them on the shelf.  I love cloth diapers, love the fluffy little butts, the cute prints and patterns. I love never having to buy diapers never having to deal with the blow outs and weird gel stuff that is in them. I have to say I love saying money and early potty training.
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