Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Bees Wax

I have a very strong hatred of wasps they swarm our house and make it hard to get inside or go out. My dislike for things that fly and sting you doesn't extend to bees. I have a respect of honey bees. They make my garden happy and produce liquid sunshine and Bees wax.

Good, Raw, Local, Honey is like summer on a spoon, even in the deep dark winter a spoon full of sticky sweetens adds light to my day. Not only do bees give us honey they give us wax.

block of wax
I just bought a block of bees wax at the ren fair this weekend and the weight of it the texture it just feels good and pure. Its a solid thing a good, no frills simple thing that is beautiful, the wax smells like honey it warms up into a mailable tool that lends it self to so many uses and it adds a purity and a goodness to everything it touches. The 1st thing I tried to make with my new block of wax was a replacement for plastic wrap. I dislike plastic wrap, I fail at getting it to make a tight seal, I hate the way it microwaves, I hate the waste and that its plastic, its frustrating and I have never been a fan of the stuff. I just haven't had a good replacement for it until now.

I have wanted to make a few bowl covers with pretty fabric and a little elastic to cover bowls in the fridge, or my new found pyrex glass from the thrift store ( last week I got three bowls with out lids for .99 cents each) I haven't actually gotten around to sewing any though I wanted them to be water proof and PUL well fine for diapers is not food safe so I have been debating how to make a replacement for plastic without using plastic.
waxed cloth

Enter Bees wax.
 You can grate the block of bees wax onto a cloth, stick it in the oven on low let it melt and infuse the fabric and you get a water proof manipulable reusable cloth. It holds any shape you bend it into and you can just flatten it back out, wash it in the sink and use it again and again. I'm definitely going to be making a whole bunch of theses amazing cloths and bowl covers in the future. I will post a tutorial soon too with pictures

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Anonymous said...

Ooo! I've read about this but had no idea how easy! You'll have to let us know how it worked out bc that would be a great way to kick the plastic wrap and/or using all my plates to cover bowls!

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