Monday, May 20, 2013

Gluten Free Corn Bread Bites

C is a little obsessed with bread, part of it is that its a rare treat to get anything bread like, since he is gluten free and the gluten free breads that you can buy are expensive and don't taste good, we don't do bread very often. Today we made corn bread in mini muffin tins which is the perfect size for little hands.  I didn't exactly follow a recipe, shocker.  I substituted gluten free flour for the whole wheat and used water instead of milk, the recipe called for butter but I used coconut oil and EVOO in its place. I added sunflower seeds, flax seed, flax meal and used molasses in place of sugar. They came out great yummy slightly nutty. Happy baby, happy mommy. I will post the actual recipe tomorrow and pictures of the little guy cooking tomorrow when we make another batch.

In other highlights today was the third stroller exercise class today, its hard and one of the babies actually pointed at us and laughed while we were doing a particularly hard set of exercises  Its a fun class however and I'm hoping that after a month of going three times a week, I will be a little closer to summer swimsuit weather.
  C and I also learned that apple cider vinegar makes amazing conditioner, you only smell like a fish and chips shop for a few minutes and then the smell goes away but it leaves your hair bouncy and tangle free. You should not let it get in your babies eyes it makes them scream and scream and will feel like a horrible mother. He got over it and is happily sleeping next to his puppy now.
All in all it a fulfilling day.

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