Thursday, January 2, 2014

Holidays recap.

 Its been a nice little holiday break, the baby is growing and doing really well. We have had a few little issues with blood sugar and minor adjustments in diet have fixed them. (Nothing like adding the challenge of even more eating restrictions to our diet) Caden has been wanting to nap cuddled up to his baby. I've been letting him since the time he has to snuggle and dominate all of mommy's time is coming to an end soon. 
 He got a few new books and some new puzzles. He asked me to make him a Woo Woo Scarf  but couldn't decide which fabric he liked best so I quilted both of our firetruck fabrics together and made it red fleece on one side. He loved the snow when we had it and is getting quite good at going down the hill on his sled. 

Over all it was a good ending to the year.

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