Monday, December 23, 2013


Its hard to believe that this week is Christmas and next week will be the end of 2013 and in about 7 ish weeks we will have a new little person living in our house. I'm not ready, like at all. We have spend the last week cooking and cooking and prepping food for February in the hopes that having lots of food ready or close to ready will make the transition easier.

  I also started pattering and cutting out my mama cloth stash and getting the supplies prepped for making fitted diapers, wet bags, and mesh produce bags. I would have had a lot sewn if my machine hadn't died and the machine I borrowed hadn't died three inches into sewing after I borrowed it.  I did however find machine on craigslist that looks like it will be a good back up machine and let me get theses projects done before the Rutabaga gets here. 

Hopefully I'll get my new machine and go on a sewing kick and get a bunch done and will post pictures when I do soon.

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