Thursday, January 23, 2014

Amazing Lasagna

Lasagna, its just one of those things isn't it.
 Its good. Not always great for you since most are full of cheese and meat and noodles, not much else.
This is even better.
Not only is it good for you. It tastes good.
Honestly, you don't even notice the sneaky healthy ingredients

Its a great great Brewer diet food too. We make this a lot to squeeze in a meal with Kale and squash.

There are three main parts
  • The squash sauce
  • Lentil Sausage
  • Kale

The Squash Sauces

Take a squash, I usually use butternut. Halve it take out the seeds, lay the cleaned squash cut side down on a lightly oiled pan at 350 until you can easy piece it with a fork. (30 ish min, totally depends on the type and size of squash though)
Let the squash cool a bit peel the skin off and dice the squash meat.

In a pan saute diced oinions and garlic
Add squash
a can of tomatoe sauce
any Italian spices you like in your tomato sauce (I added rosemary, basil, thyme, oregano, cumin)

Use immersion blender to puree the sauce
you can add diced tomatoes or more canned sauce to get a texture and consistency you like in tomato sauce

The Lentil Sausage

I took lentils and cooked them in our rice cooker untill they were tender.
I put them in the food processor to blend them 
Then I added 1 part ground pork to 3 parts purreed lentils and mixed them together.
Then I cooked the lentil meat mixture in a sauce pan till it resembled ground meat


I washed the kale and in the food processor cut it up into very small pieces.

To assemble I layered sauce, gluten free noodles, lentil sausage, kale more sauce, noodles, sausage, sauce and topped it off with cheese. Depending on how much you like kale I recommend doing just one layer with kale otherwise it can overpower the dish (unless your a kale fan)
We cooked the  whole thing in the oven at 350 until the noodles were tender
so yummy.

This is a great prep a lot and throw together meal, or to do what we did and make it in bulk and freeze a few for postpartum or days when you just don't have the energy to care about making healthy food.

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