Friday, January 10, 2014

Stash Update

Here is my stash so far. I am hoping it will be much much larger very very soon (I have 4 more weeks!!) and I can get it done fast enough to make some newborn fitted diapers.

 On the top are 8 prefold inserts sewn up in a tri fold for the right after, who cares if they are bulking I'm not getting out of bed stage of postpardum. On top of them are two contoured pads that snap on to the waterproof layers. (blue and pink)

The green are panty liners the 1st tip toe into sewing cloth pads. I've come along long way from when I started sewing them. Here is what I have so far, no where near as many as I need but I'm definally getting the hang of it and figuing out what I like in terms of size and shape. Hopefully all the online help from facebook groups will mean that they will have the right sorts of absorbancy on the insides. 

The stars are an all in one pad that is another ultra uber insert. I plan on making some that are a little less bulky that snap on to the pink and blue shells.
The blue minky with sushi print is a heavy day pad (and I just sold it!) by far it is the best design combination yet. I plan on making a few more that are the same shape.

 The pink and green skulls are longer panty liners (I love that print)

The one below it is also blue minky its sort of a semi failed hybrid. I had to take the wings off the original and ended up sewing it on to an early attempt at a panty liner that was a little wonky. Result is a cute heavy/pp pad.

The hears are basically wingless panty liners I plan to cover in witch hazel and freeze to make ice packs for the large postpartum pads

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