Sunday, January 19, 2014


Last night was my Blessingway.
A Blessingway is celebration of motherhood and birth. Unlike a baby shower which is about giving gifts a Blessingway is about supporting the mom and giving her blessings and encuragment for her up coming birth. We did henna tattoos. All the guest brought beads and blessings or wishes for the birth. I got a few beads sent from family that are far away as well. I will be stringing all the beads onto a  necklace that I could wear during birth, I will probably hang it though, in a place I can see it near the birth pool. I will take all the wishes and blessings and hang them around the  birth pool to see them during labor.
Mostly it was a chance to see friends and have some much needed woman bonding before the baby gets here. It was so much fun. I feel so lucky to have such wonderful friends.


Beads so pretty, I can't wait to make my necklace with all theses pretty beads. I have all the blessings that I will frame and hang around the birth pool.


I love henna, its a lot of fun to do. I did my belly in a mirror during nap time earlier this week and this is how it came out. It lasts for a about a week. C is calling it the baby heart. We still have a few tubes of henna left so I'm sure we will be doing hand henna again soon.

Henna hands 

Here are all the henna hands we did at the Blessing way. 

 Pregnant Bumps

Here are pictures of some pregnant baby bumps 

 Fun with Friends

 A few Pictures of most everyone having fun (We forgot to take pictures early and missed getting a few wonderful women pictures)

A great way to spend my birthday weekend and nice to see everyone before the baby gets here ( and everyone else has their babies) and hanging out gets to be a little trickier. 


Laureas was amazing and made the baby a blessing way banner like the one that C has. We will be adding the baby's hand prints to it each year and it will hang in the room where we are going to put the pool. Rob was sweet and hung a bunch of paper lanterns from our wedding from the ceiling in the living room to decorate for the party.

Cute Hats

Ali from Knittybutton made me these little Rutabaga hats, we have nicknamed this baby rutabaga . C is our pumpkin baby and my mom made him his cute pumpkin hat. I wanted to do a sibling photo with each kid in their vegetable hat. Ali was nice enough to knit up these hat (she made a tiny one and a slightly bigger one just in case.) I can't wait to do the photo shoot with theses.

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