Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Homestead Bucket List

I spend lot of time nursing C and scrolling through Pinterest looking at pins of crunchy mommy, crafty DIY, house and garden dream lists, and lots of homestead ideas.   I realize that this lifestyle of earthy mom, attachment parenting, make it yourself and make do without. Simple natural life thing is oh so trendy right now. Lucky me it means lots of information on how to do all sorts of "old fashion" skills with pretty pictures. I'm a sucker for good photos. 

I am not a new passenger on the Crunchy Homestead train. I grew up in it, well before it was cool. We walked the walked and grew the garden and lived a simple life.  Now that I'm raising my son as a 2nd generation crunchy homestead kid, I want to try all sorts of aspects of the lifestyle.  There are aspects that worked for my parents that wont work for me and like wise things they chose not to do that we may end up incorporating into our life.  A big part of growing up this way is that you constantly evaluate if things are working or if they need to be changed, Comparing the reality of life with an idealized picture of how it could be (with an endless supply of time, money, and people to run it.)

Which brings me to my bucket list. I am a big list maker, I like to plan and thing things out and often don't ever actually get around to doing them. The point of the list is to save all the "oh one day I'll try that" things and to actually cross things off. Evaluate if they worked and are worth doing again and hopefully it will provide the motivation to Try things vs just think about it. My Goal is to do a minimum of two things (or one really huge one) each month. Eventually after a few months I may increase the number or type of projects for the Bucket list project breaking the list down into sections and doing one thing from each section. I want to start of small and work up to doing more however since its the start of the holidays and I'm 7 months pregnant things are a little busy around here.

My plan for this month (November)

Elderberry syrup:  Apparently taking a spoonful of Elderberry syrup every day helps keep you from getting sick and when you do get sick upping the dose makes you get better faster. Sounds cool and worth trying out. A 16 oz bottle of the stuff costs 20 dollars at the Co-op. I decided that if we were going to try this it would be good old DIY way. I ordered a pound of organic elderberries off Amazon and found instructions on how to make the syrup. As soon as the berries get here (should be today!) C and I will try making some. If it works, I have plans for planting two bushes in the back this year so we can harvest them ourselves and sell the extra.

Mold-able bees wax for sculpting:  This  looks way easy to make, other than messing around with melting bees wax. I have hopes it will be a great gluten free substitute to play dough and C will enjoy creating with it.

The whole Bucket list will be posted somewhere on the blog as soon as I get around to writing it all out. Its a long long list that I see getting longer all the time as I find new projects and discover new interests in my crunchy mama homesteader adventures.  Things that will definatly be tacked in the next few weeks/months are
Sewing Fitted Cloth Diapers
Sewing Mama Cloth
Sewing Baby Wipes
Making Herbal Sitz Bath

I'm having a Blessing way and Preparing for this baby and a homebirth (February is getting closer I'm 28 weeks already!)  Which means I'm sure lots of cooking, recipe trying and other little diy projects for the new little one.  I'll be posting about it all (I promise!)

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