Monday, September 9, 2013


Its a little hard to chase around a toddler and make healthy Brewer diet food for every meal. There are little ways to cheat and make it easier.

Today for breakfast we had Swiss Chard, Kale, caramelized onion, mushroom, roasted pumpkin seed, ginger pork sausage, roasted red bell pepper with acorn squash scrambled eggs. It took less time to make than our two morning lattes

I found that by cooking a bunch of leafy greens up with onions and mushrooms and storing it in a container in the fridge that its easy to throw a portion or throw into everything. I also love making big batches of things like caramelized onions they take all day in the slow cooker but a whole slow cooker worth frozen cubes easy to pull out of the fridge and slice off a portion and throw it into meals. Same with the red bell peppers we grilled 10 or so on the grill when they were in season and cheap froze then and its so easy to slice a portion. Not to sound like a broken record I roast a few different types of winter squash and stick them in the fridge or freeze them into cubes

Its great to go to the store on the weekend buy a lot of produce and prep it all for the week and if something is on sale and in season get a lot and freeze it.  Lots of days I'm tiered, busy the small folk in my house are crazy I can throw a frozen chicken breast brown rice a few cubes of frozen veggies or squash, add a few herbs form and its easy and healthy and grabbing a few frozen cubes or adding a few spoonfuls of leafy greens from the fridge after its done cooling is so easy.

It makes following this diet so much easier.

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