Monday, November 25, 2013

Over the river and through the woods

We are getting ready to head out to grandma's house for the start of the holidays. Its hard to believe that its the end of November already. I'm 29 weeks pregnant and this fall has been a busy. I started writing for a website called Go check out all the cool articles on natural parenting and crunchy mommy hood. It has been exciting and taking a bit of time to get in the swing of yet another set of deadlines, I'm enjoying the challenge and it has given me so many ideas for posts I want to write here. C is growing an amazing rate and turned into a smart caring little boy, he is defiantly not a baby anymore. I'm still sewing my nights away working on Roxy Roodle projects. I'm hoping to get organized enough to finally get a few bulk buys run this spring and summer and defiantly do a lot more next winter. We have, as always lots of big house projects planned both before the baby gets here in 10 weeks ( omg that is soon!) and this summer.

That's what is new and happening in our household at the start of crazy holidays this year. Hopefully everyone traveling will be safe and have fun. Eat lots and lots of pumpkin pie and latkes and try not to stress out to much about the ever growing to do list.

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