Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Caden Robert

Our due date was Friday( October 14, 2011) and Saturday night my water broke 51 hours of labor later Caden was born.  October 18, 2011  8# 11 ounces 22 inches long and perfect.

We are so lucky to have him. Our plan (as always happens when you have one right) didn't go just how we thought it would. We ended up transferring to the hospital late Monday night and after a few hours of pushing and a little help from the vacuum Caden was born.  

Despite the issues we had last year with the hospital this experience was the opposite it was wonderful, the nurses where amazing and so helpful it was really nice and healing to have a good experience in a place that just over a year ago we had had such bad one.

We were feeling so lucky and just overwhelmed with the whole experience when just before we where discharged Rob happened to ask one of the nurses if she knew who the nurse was that had gone to a nursing conference in Montana last year.

Robs mom had meet and talked to a nurse about what had happened with our loss, and had felt really comforted by the fact that she was shocked at what had happened as we all where.

The nurse that Rob asked said yeah I was the only one to go to that. When Rob told her that she had talked to his mom and that we where the ones that it had happened to she was shocked. She said she had never won anything in a raffle before that night but at the conference she won a dozen roses and gave them to Robs mom because she was so impacted by the story.  She then went back to Moscow and talked to the hospital.

Now the policy has changed and ANY pregnant woman that comes in goes to the Birth Center and not the ER. It's great closer and gives me peace with our miscarriage.

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