Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Public Property

dressed up for Mutt Strut
I have reached the size that people feel that they can ask, comment, and offer advice on pregnancy, how miserable I must be and I'm sure how horrible child birth is going to be.  Two people commented yesterday at the supermarket, one was nice asking about how much the baby was kicking and saying that her baby kept the same awake hours after they where born. The other woman said that I must be enjoying the heat.

At mutt strutt the announcer said something about how Romey was going to be a big sister (another pet peeve hes a poodle but that doesn't make him a girl)

Lots of people have been asking boy or girl and apparently not finding out is a brave thing to do becuase that is what most of them say when I say that we aren't going to find out early. 

It is interesting watching how people interact with pregnancy

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