Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Best pregnancy symptoms ever

I just want to say I feel lucky that the 2nd trimester has been amazing lately and I'm grateful that it is.
I love feeling the baby move, the little flips and butterflies, the wiggles and pressure. Yesterday Rob and I where laying in bed reading which seems to be baby's time to wiggle, and I got kicked harder than the little popcorn bubbles, it was a good flick, so cool.

I love nesting, I'm not sure that Rob is a huge fan of having me pulling everything out and going through it, but I do know that he likes the end result of clean house.

I love baby socks they are so tinny and the idea that we are going to have a little person who's feet fit in them is exciting.

I love showing, Love the baby bump and looking pregnant. I love picking out what to wear that is going to show off my new shape.

I love having energy. Not just to do things but to care about things, to not be so exhausted that I don't even have energy to be passionate about anything.

I love that there are all theses things to love about pregnancy.

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