Sunday, May 22, 2011

baby things

 Roxy testing out the baby sleeping sack. She really liked it even when I unzipped it she stayed in the sack pretty cute.
Unpacking all the baby things that we have and boy looking at it, it is a lot. Organizing it all into sizes packing up the stuff that is bigger and organizing all the little pieces. Nesting. An exciting part of pregnancy that I've never been at. A new thing and so I've pulled it all out and the whole house is being organized, there is a large pile of things that are going in our hall I've cleaned out over half our closets and just looking at the stuff that is sitting waiting to be done makes me twitch. I am lucky that Rob takes this nesting, pregnancy thing with his easy going calm. He knows that it is useless to argue with me and gets the boxes out and puts them back when I tell him too.  Just one of the many reasons that I love him an that he will be the most amazing father.   

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