Monday, December 13, 2010

Thrift Shops

Don't you just love thrift shopping?  The thrill of getting something really cool for practically nothing. I am a thrift shop queen. I find things, good things, things that new or of eBay would be very expensive, for great prices.
Just today I got this  chair.  for 3 dollars! It is missing the cushions, but those are so easy to make. It will match our 1960's coffee table very well and it is about the same color wood as our dinning room table so it will tie together the dinning room and living room haves of our house well.  We needed a sitting chair to make our living room a little more user friendly. I'm thinking that it is a Danish modern lounge chair, not a outdoor chair as the thrift shop labeled it. I love the Danish modern style and its a pretty popular vintage style right now, Type danish lounge chair into Google shopping and they are all above 100 dollars, so I think I got a great deal.

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