Friday, November 19, 2010

Curling up with a good book

The 1st snow has dusted our little town. It's cold. Which always makes me want to pull on a cozy robe, get a huge cup of coffee, a good book and Read. I love reading. Books can take you away. I enjoy lighter books, dubbed Chick lit. As if they are some how  not as worthy of being read or books as books written about or for men. That said I'm picky. They have to be well written, the characters have to be engaging and good. 

Marian Keyes: an amazing author Irish, quirky, her books have real life issues, and are touching. Anybody Out There?, The Other Side of the Story

Jane Green: another good author  her books can be hit and miss but they are good. BookendsBabyville are two of my favorites.

Anna Maxted: Amazing author her books are good griping, I stumbled across her books by chance and each new book I cannot put down till I get to the end. Tale of Two Sisters is one that is next to by bed right now amazing and sad. I cannot wait for  her next book to come out.

 I have to say there is nothing a nice as a warm place to curl up and read a book. 

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